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The REAL program that brings companies close to the training centres

SkillsAlliance is an innovative educational initiative that offers:

  1. . trainers of educational institutions an updated educational content and training material for those products recently released onto the market;
  2. . companies a platform to develop learning materials and certifications for  their own technology products; and
  3. . students in technical education the opportunity to adapt and update their own professional skills.

SkillsAlliance is considered a win-win programme (guaranteeing a mutual benefit) used by companies and training centres to establish alliances to upgrade and optimise the quality of the technical training for students and professionals. This program enables companies to increase the number of specialised technicians, engineers   to improve the quality of their installation skills and after-sales services.Leer más

Companies Educational Institutions Students & Professionals

For Companies

For EducationalInstitutions

For Students & Professionals

  • Highly qualified staff in the installation and repair services of those products and systems recently released onto the market
  • Improvement in the quality of their installation and after-sales services
  • Larger number of technicians and installation engineers specialised in their own systems
  • Recommendation of their brand through the technicians and installation engineers
  • Better efficiency in preparing the teaching material
  • Updated learning material fully endorsed by manufacturing companies
  • Educational material based on the curriculum of the formal educational systems
  • Affordable training material that includes state-of-the-art systems and helpful tutorials
  • Management and evaluation systems fully compatible with the existing technology platforms
  • Certifications to promote the employability of the students and to enhance the reputation of the educational institution
  • Updated training on the equipment and technology systems recently released onto the market
  • Educational content  guaranteed by the providers of technology systems and products
  • Certification of professional qualification in installation and repair of state-of-the-art equipment and systems
  • Enhance the chances of employability in the labour market

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